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Head on over to StencilGirl Talk to see my process to create this awesome stenciled lampshade.

I love the distressed look of it and hope you head over to check it out 🙂

As always have a blessed day,



  1. Wendy, this lampshade is so cool, and I know a pair of them would really look impressive in my MCM home! I hope you are doing well and had a Merry Christmas. Best wishes for the new year! I’ve kind of fallen off the creative train this year, along with social media and blog visits (other than mostly what is required), but all is well.


  2. I was thinking about you and how it has been awhile since I have seen your glorious makes, glad all is well. Thank you so much for your kind compliments, you should give them a try cuz I bet they would look great! xxx till next time take care my dear! xxx


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