ICAD.10 It’s the Little Things

Welcome to my new series Index Card A Day which I will share for 30 days with a new card each day.

I have tons in store for this series including different techniques,  products, substrates and of course lots of tips, tricks & information.

If you would like me to cover something specific please let me know soon and I will do my best to cover it.

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I would love to see if you try ~ please use #ICADwithme so I can find it easy. There will also be a giveaway at the end of the 30 days 🙂


***Basic ~  brayer, gel plates

***Pens ~ Signo Bold White, Stabilo, Posca Paint Pens

***Paints ~ Amsterdam Standard Naples Yellow Red, Turquoise Blue, Olive Green Light, Payne’s Grey, Titanium White, Carmine. Dina Wakley Blackberry

***Papers ~Strathmore Printmaker,

***Embellishments ~ Various ephemra, small talk, paper dolls

***Other ~ Sticky Grid

Gel Printing Tools Used: 

  1. Kid toy truck wheel on a cardboard roll.
  2. Hot glue gun ‘blobs’ flower and stems. Instructions: heat glue gun, on non stick sheet squeeze desired shape, press with another non stick sheet, let cool.
  3. Various specialty papers from a hobby store.
  4. Packaging material
  5. Store beads. Instructions: use 50 lb fishing line and thread beads with spacers inbetween.
  6. Twine Brush. Instructions: rubberband the length of heavy twine to a dowel or chop stick then unthread. Can be as thick as you like.
  7. Noodle Ring. Instructions: use sharp craft knife and cut 1 1/2″ off end. Carefully cut some of the 90* angled corners off for a random, uneven circle.
  8. Pipe Cleaners
  9. PomPoms Instructions: Large blob of hot glue on a non stick surface and the press the pompoms into the hot glue, allow to dry. Pry away from surface, cut a hole in center and insert dowl.
  10. Various recycled caps.
  11. Heavy duty twine.
  12. Stamps. Instructions: Glue foam shapes to cardboard, if necessary glue numerous piece for sturdiness.

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