Creativation 2019

Out of all the amazing dreams that have been happening for me the last few months, being a part of Creativation process this year, by far, has me pinching myself over and over. The whole experience is more than I could have ever imagined! What an absolute delight from start to finish! Thank you Tim, Mario and Paula for the opportunity; truly marvelous to work with.

I am delighted to share my projects that were displayed in the Tim Holtz Idea-ology booth among the most breathtaking, creative, inspirational pieces I feel in the industry. I highly recommend viewing the live walk through with Tim and Paula of the Idea-Ology booth here.

I apologize in advance for not having step-by-step picks and more detailed tutorials. I got so engrossed in the making of them that I forgot to grab the camera, oops.

creativation2019 tim holtz 'find your lovliness' tag (1) This Etcetera Tag and the clock were displayed on the ‘softer’ side of the Idea-ology booth that was also filled with gorgeous vintage props among all the amazing designer samples. The heart and soul that went into the booth was so apparent I could have literally stayed here all day if it was possible.

creativation2019 tim holtz 'find your lovliness' tag (2) (1)wm


I started by laying out the new Tim Holtz – Idea-ology Journal Cards in a patchwork style, inked the edges and then stitched together on my sewing machine with different stitches. Then used collage medium to glue onto a Mini Etcetera Tag.

creativation2019 tim holtz 'find your lovliness' tag (3)

Surrounding the focal point is a Tim Holtz Idea-olgy Vignette Frame that I distressed by using Distress Paints in Evergreen Bough Hickory Smoke and Picket Fence. Added the new Hardware Heads then rubbed a touch of Distress Crayon in Vintage Photo in some of the cracks and crevices to give the texture an extra pop. creativation2019 tim holtz 'find your lovliness' tag (4)

For the main focal assembly,  I used the new Transparent Wings where I added a layer of Alcohol Ink Mixative in Pearl then a layer of Distress Paint Scattered Straw to the backside of the wings, attached to a Salvaged Doll that was altered with Vintage Collage Medium, Distress Paint Mustard Seed and Alcohol Ink Mushroom. Placed behind her is the new Adornment Frames (oh my, these frames are so thin and detailed~ amazing!!!! and this is the actual finish, I did not add anything to the finish of the frame). Also added a inverted Mini Hardware Pull , Bouquet , Clipping Sticker and vintage satin binding from my stash. creativation2019 tim holtz clock 'leanring to fly' by wendy baysa (1)


creativation2019 tim holtz clock 'leanring to fly' by wendy baysa (2) wm

For the outside of the Tim Holtz Idea-ology Assemblage Clock I used Collage Medium and a vintage sewing pattern, torn pieces placed randomly allowing for some wrinkling but still controlling them to not overtake the piece. Wrapped some vintage cross-stitch string around the handle. So easy to do, I hope you give this a try!

creativation2019 tim holtz clock 'leanring to fly' by wendy baysa (5)

The assembly here is new Ruler Ribbon new Keepsakes Ephemera pack and Quote Token

Absolutely loving how all these pieces just work so awesome together!


For the inside I have added the new Transparent Wings Adornment Deco Frames Mini Pins Thimbles (which have become part of the all year purchase line) Memo Pins Baubles

Clipping Stickers . Along with a few items from my vintage stash. To assemble this, I started with a scrap piece of heavy card-stock that was cut to fit inside, then glued the spools and thimble to this base. Once inserted, added the baubles and buttons inside so they could move around loosely. Nothing better than mixing a few of my vintage treasures with Idea-ology items, they work so well together 🙂

creativation2019 tim holtz clipboard 'oh those alph tiles' by wendy baysa (1)

To be part of the show was a huge honor but to be placed on the item wall was beyond my wildest dreams and to be surrounded by all that gorgeous Idea-ology, wow! I seriously wanted to take all those glorious items home with me!


creativation2019 tim holtz clipboard 'oh those alph tiles' by wendy baysa (4) wm

I started by painting a Mini Clipboard with black gesso (after removing the clip portion) and glued the new  Stencil Chips down with collage medium. I know these stencils look like metal but they are actually chipboard and come with that finish, AMAZING!

creativation2019 tim holtz clipboard 'oh those alph tiles' by wendy baysa (2)

After applying gesso to the backside of the 6 1/4″ Cabinet Card I layered a strip from the new Ruler Ribbon , then added Gadget Gears Sprocket Gears Timepiece and new Hardware Heads. To the gears I added touches of Alcohol Ink Mixative Gold ,Teakwood and smudges of Distress Crayon for a bit of age. The distinguished gentleman is from new Found Relatives placed inside the smaller Cabinet Card with a little distressing.


creativation2019 tim holtz clipboard 'oh those alph tiles' by wendy baysa (3)

The final details were done by adding Distress Crayon Antique Linen into the words of a Quote Band sliding it onto dyed Mummy Cloth (seasonal Idea-ology, I love it so much I stocked up). Added Adornments Foundry  Pen Nibs onto a Mini Pin and attached to the Mummy Cloth.

And there you have it. Thank you so much for viewing and again I highly suggest heading over to Tim’s blog to check out all the lives he did~ especially the one of  Creativation Idea-ology booth. All of it is totally jaw dropping!

Have a blessed day,

Wendy xo



  1. Fabulous art Wendy I love them all and watched the video from the booth several times, I fell in love with your clock as soon as I saw it as it just spoke to me 😍 thank you for sharing, I still can’t stop looking at them.


  2. An honour indeed Wendy, but they surely feel honoured to have you create for them too! Your samples are fabulous! I just adore the clock and the clipboard is beautiful. I really enjoyed the videos that Tim did to share all of these wonderful creations. Hugs, Anne xx


  3. No, my dear, THESE are jaw dropping! What a wonderful WELL DESERVED honor to create for Tim Holtz using the newest Ideaology goodies. You have done him proud with showcasing these wonderful products in your unmistakable style. LOVE that clock and stunning mini etcetera tag! I haven’t seen the videos yet, but looking forward to them! How cool that you were able to attend as well as create! Sending hugs!


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